Monday, October 1, 2007

Using the OpenESB J2SE version and netbeans

As I mentioned in JBI deployment options, OpenESB can run as a standard J2SE application. This is a nice option that has some advantages such as getting started quicker without the need of downloading the rather large (300+MB) OpenESB bundle that includes glassfish/openesb and netbeans. The JBISE version is only 4.3MB. For those of you not needing a J2EE container this might be a valid option.

The only other missing piece is the tooling support to create Composite Applications. This is included in Netbeans v6 which is a part of the large OpenESB bundle. But since you are not downloading that you need to ability to get netbeans v6. Here is the netbeans v6 nightly builds location:

Good luck and happy downloading.