Friday, October 5, 2007

Grizzly Port unification

Looks like one of my anticipated features in Grizzly is finally here in their latest version 1.6.1: Port Unification. According to this javalobby article, port unification has been implemented and can now be used in glassfish v3. For OpenESB users this means consolidating the HTTP ports between glassfish v2 and the HTTP BC. What this also means is being able to accomplish the same thing in the RSS BC since we use grizzly to service the HTTP GET requests for feeds.

One of the nice benefits this adds to glassfish v3 is the ability to now consume only one port verses 2 or 3. Now phobos, comet, and jruby can run on the same port and grizzly can determine the correct Adapter.

To stay current with this RSS BC enhancement watch issue #8:


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