Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Using Groovy to easily avoid nasty NullPointerException

Groovy supports a pretty neat syntactic sugar operator to easily avoid the ugly NullPointerException: the question mark '?'.

Writing this in Java

if (name != null && param1 != null && param1.getUser() != null && name.equals(param1.getUser().getName()))
is now replaced by the much more readable Groovy
if (name && param1 && (name == param1.user?.name))
Amazing how a single character can improve readability that much and avoid potential NPEs. Also if you are curious about my use of == rather than the Java required .equals() see my post on More Groovy Sugar.

Most importantly I have inserted a hidden clue in this post and the first to solve the mystery will receive a free pop of their choice not to exceed 0.77 cents. The winner will be the first commenter with the correct answer.


Sam Jones said...

Last I checked, Equal isn't actually sugar.... ;-)

I'm thinking the ==/.equals() thing is syntactic aspartame.

Sam Jones said...

And since it's aspartame, if you use it too much, you'll get cancer that will spread to your straight-up Java programming, confusing you there.

ba dum tchsh

Anonymous said...

I'm not 100% sure, but I *think* you can make:

if (name && param1 && (name == param1.user?.name))

even more readable and use:

if (name && (name == param1?.user?.name))

Anonymous said...

Maybe even:

if (name == param1?.user?.name)

Travis Chase said...

Is the hidden clue that you are an uber, leet programming god and deviously handsome as well?

Now give me my Mountain Dew!

Anonymous said...

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