Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Real man of Genius

I usually keep this blog professional, but I'm in the process of moving and came across some emails that I just have to share and they are too long to post on facebook. All 3 emails where from my time at The Williams Company in Tulsa, OK where I had the privilege to work with some great friends. People like Keith Stanek, Michael Brotherman (Are you Miking me?), Jason Randall, Josh Guthman (Guthy), Erin Nylund, Becca Fairchild, Jennifer Brandt, and a host of others. I was so fortunate to work with these people and I'm not sure it could ever be duplicated. We had a ton of fun together. During off hours we played a lot of cards (Rook mainly), Starcraft I, and lots and lots of Halflife. Over time, I got to be pretty good at Halflife (HL). At some point we started playing 2 (Keith and Mike) on one and I still would usually win.

Now to the email. Wednesday August 20, 2003 at 9:45 AM, Michael Brotherman emailed Keith and me his Real man of Genius in my honor. It was done just like the Real Men Of Genius commercials. Here it is in it's original form:

Mr real man of genius...
We solute you, Mr. Total Conqueror in HL.
You who drops bombs that are not in the bathroom.
Who shoots your double barrel in our face.

Your eyes keep us from getting caught,
But your play keeps us from coming back.

Here's to you...Mr crossbow no miss,
Mr. Ray gun who makes it no fun.

We solute you.

My Favorite weapon was the crossbow. Oh good times. Stayed tuned. I've got 2 more coming.

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