Thursday, August 19, 2010

Missing Office Equipment Prank

Here is Part 2 of my series where I reminisce about the good times I had at Williams. As I stated previously, I came across these printed off emails in our attic while moving to our new home. I'm so glad I printed them off. #goodtimes

Anyway, this was a prank Keith Stanek, Josh Guthman (Guthy), and myself pulled on Michael Brotherman (Are you Miking Me?). Before showing you the email though I need to set the stage. The year was 2003, and our company had just gone through 3 rounds of layoffs. Morale was pretty low. We worked on the 32nd floor of the 52 story BOK building in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. During fire drills we had to take the stairs down a floor. During one of the fire drills we noticed the entire 31st floor was void of humans, but a lot of very nice unused office furniture and white boards were still present. We joked around about repurposing some of the nicer equipment, but nothing ever come of it. Until one morning, we noticed Mike had a new chair. A very nice new chair. We gave him junk about it all day, but decided a prank would be better. So we had Josh Guthman (Guthy) write us up a believable email that Keith and I would spoof using the Facilities email address. Here it is:

From: Facilities Services-Tulsa
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2003 7:39AM
Subject: Missing Office Equipment

During a recent audit for unused office equipment we discovered black reclining office chairs were missing from several of the floors in the BOK tower. Upon further investigation we discovered those chairs had been procured by current employees looking to upgrade from their existing chairs. While facilities appreciates your desire to utilize existing assets instead of requisitioning new ones, please remember that Williams is undergoing a cost savings campaign at this time and that all unused equipment needs to remain on its respective floor for proper accounting and redistribution either to the lessee or to an employee in need. If we have not already reacquired your chair, please return it to the floor from which it came by the end of business Friday, March 14.

Mike smelled it out, but noone ever confessed, and I'm pretty sure deep down, even though his gut was telling him it was a prank, he still didn't want to take the chance in the possibility that it might have been true. The best part about it was the morning we sent the email, Mike and I had a group breakfast meeting with one of the Senior Executives. As we were going down the elevator, he mentioned to me that he was going to bring it up during the meeting, and with a complete straight face I called his bluff and told him that I think he should, knowing that he wouldn't anyway; and if he did it would only make the prank that much better.

Mike returned the chair.

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