Thursday, July 23, 2009

Linux config files available on github

I pushed several of my common linux config files that I often find myself sharing with others via email to github. I'd say it's currently specific to Java developers that are using maven2. I lean heavily on alias's defined in my .bashrc file which lives under my home directory. Hopefully others will fork this project and I can merge forked changes back into my project.

Not only did I want to provide an easy way to share among co-workers, but I also wanted to be able to port to other machines or even when I need to rebuild my work laptop. Also, I just want to get more comfortable with a DVCS workflow. Thanks to Ron Alleva's post (Using Git and Subversion in 5 Easy Steps) about getting setup with using git as the client to svn, I am all set at work to start using git.

Please check it out at

git clone git://

Currently it includes:

  1. .bashrc - Contains my alias's
  2. .synergy.config - Config file I stole from Joe Kueser which lets me control a windows machine with the keyboard and mouse connected to my linux laptop (see synergy).
  3. .vimrc - Simple vim settings. Nothing special yet
  4. - Simple IntelliJ Idea startup script for linux
  5. idea.vmoptions - Modified vmoptions for IntelliJ Idea
  6. - Example of a generic linux startup script
  7. - Example of a generic linux stop script
For those looking to create a github account (and for my future reference) I struggled on how to sync up my local master with the master on github. Thankfully history was around to remind me.

git push origin master

This was after I did the one step (I think) to add the origin:

git remote add origin

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