Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Testing the new firefox plugin Ubiquity

Today I found out about the new experimental firefox plugin Ubiquity and I wanted to give a try in my blog. So far I am very impressed and it seems to be working fine on linux, even though the documentation says they don't support it yet (I am running Ubuntu 8.04 with firefox 3).

It was easy to install. After installation firefox takes you to the firefox egg about:ubiquity which contains one of the best tutorials I have ever followed.

To try it out you can get a map of where I work. First install ubiquity and highlight this address:

407 Pennsylvania Ave Joplin, MO

then invoke ubiquity (CRTL+SPACEBAR) and type map. Click on the map and then click on Insert map in page.

Pretty slick. So far today I have used the language translation features, bold, tinyurl, and map. In a way it reminds me a lot of Gnome-Do for linux in that it provides a quick way to get information but obviously ubiquity is much more powerful.