Monday, March 10, 2008

Avoid installing 2 versions of Netbeans 6

Tonight I installed the latest OpenESB software (Build 20080303) and was rather confused as a lot has changed since I last used it back in October 2007. I found myself being rather unproductive so I decided to revert to an earlier version. So I downloaded Build 20080214 and installed it, but I did not uninstall the previous version. With the older version I repeatedly received exceptions on just about everything I clicked on. Many of my co-workers battle these issues everyday, but now I might have figured out why. For some reason, Netbeans just doesn't like being installed twice on the same system under the same folder (for me was /workspace/java/openesb). Under there I had 2 netbeans and 2 glassfish folders. Once I uninstalled everything and reinstalled the older version (Build 20080214) it worked perfectly.

So when you are receiving all those nasty exceptions every 5 seconds in Netbeans, make sure you only have one installed.


Chad Sturtz said...

Thinking back, I bet that was it the whole time. I know I didn't take the time to remove my previous versions of NetBeans. I definitely don't miss the days of constant exceptions using NetBeans 6, especially when creating BPEL processes with the JBI BPEL Service Engine. If I had known this back then, I don't think my keyboard would have suffered so much...

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