Friday, November 16, 2007

Javadoc equivalent for Grails (a necessity)

Oh yeah! Graeme Rocher and Marc Palmer have done an excellent job creating the Reference Documentation for the Grails Framework for version 1.0-RC1 (check it out This will be familiar to anyone that has referenced Java's API javadocs like I have for so many years.

This is an absolute necessity for Grails development IMO due to it's dynamicity (I think I just made that up). Outside of checking out the source, yuck, how else would you know which options are available? This is another piece of the puzzle before the official release of Grails 1.0.

Here is what the reference documentation covers:

  • Grails Commands - detailed usage information for the grails commands like generate-all, test-app, etc.
  • Constraints - explains all the current constraints available to Domains like blank, maxSize, etc.
  • Controllers - shows all the information available for controllers
  • Domain Classes - shows all methods available to consumers of domain classes like save, validate, find*, etc.
  • Plugins - information available for plugins
  • Services - explains things like scope and transactional
  • Servlet API - typicaly servlet stuff like request and response
  • Tag Libraries - information available for tag libraries
  • Tags - tags you can use in your GSP and I am sure, but not certain, in your JSPs.