Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Glassfish v3 and JavaEE 6

More than likely most haven't gotten the chance to use JavaEE 5.0 yet, but I think it's important to look ahead at what is coming down the road. I believe, container-wise, JavaEE 6 is going down an excellent path of easier development by making their container as small as possible (15k) and startup time super fast (less than 2 seconds). How did they achieve that? Modularity.

For some reason I just realized that the Reference Implementation (RI) for JavaEE 6.0 is Glassfish v3. Skim this presentation about the goals of JavaEE 6.0 (roughly about 15 quick slides). Also, here is a walk-through on how to use Glassfish v3 (install jruby container, web container, etc).

Just for the record, also keep in mind that JavaEE 5.0 is implemented by Glassfish v2.